Holistic Counselling and Mind Body Medicine

Holistic Counselling and Mind-Body Medicine healing integrates mind, body, emotions and soul in order to find and treat the source of dis-ease. Symptoms that the body creates could be an indication that something in the mind and soul needs healing. Stop treating the symptoms and try to go deep within to find the root cause. There’s no standard prescription. Instead, your treatment is designed just for you.

Holistic Counseling is an approach which helps clients to heal by taking the entire human being and their life experiences into consideration. A holistic approach gives you a time and place to talk, in a safe non-judgmental environment so that issues can be worked on, goals can be set, changes can be made. Life can then be lived more fully. 

Holistic counselling is a confidential process that allows the past to be acknowledged, the present to be understood so that choices can be made that give a better future. Good health is a state of complete harmony of the mind, body and spirit.

What to expect in a consultation: 

Your consultation begins with acknowledging the issues that has brought you here, then we work together to move you towards where you want your life to be.  Intuitively I guide you through the issues expanding your awareness by connecting what you are experiencing to a broader context that is often lost when the mind is focused on the rawness of life issues and lost in limited fear based conditions. I work at expanding your self awareness to  see a holistic connection of life patterns, situations, mind sets and emotional triggers affecting you and to better understand their nature, the lessons and life skills they offer.

During a consultation we will look at issues impacting your life from a spiritual level that will provide a wholeness view of what is happening as we move through the mind's fears, limitations and conditioning to see the true nature of things as they are.  By engaging the higher aspect of your spiritual nature a universal  understanding of what is happening often opens the mind to an expansive view of situations with insights and solutions that  bring about a more rational and practical response with healthy outcomes for all concern.   Holistic Counselling is based on an understanding that “everything is connected” and ailments, psychological and emotional imbalances are no exception. Quantum Physics and Neuroscience studies and research have now proven that our health and lifestyle are directly affected and conditioned by our thoughts and habitual habits.  As a Holistic therapist I work with harmonizing the mind body and spirit facilitating healing from the inside out.